What is ALL (Accor Live Limitless) Membership? (2024)

Did you know that Accor has a free loyalty membershipprogram, where you can earn points and rewards while you sleep? Let’s explore ALL and how you can use it to your maximum benefit.

Accor Live Limitless

ALL stands for Accor Live Limitless. That’s because when you join ALL, you get benefits for every aspect of your life, not just where you rest your head. Earn Reward points for hotel stays, but also when you dine at an Accor restaurant, when you get drinks at an Accor bar, and when you enjoy a live performance at an Accor venue like Accor Stadium in Sydney.ALL is about more than just hotel stays. It’s about embracing a limitless lifestyle. Whether you’re on holiday in a overseas destination, or you’re enjoying a stay-cation in your home city or town, with ALL, you can enjoy the best a destination has to offer.

Is Accor Live Limitless (ALL) free?

ALL is completely free to join . There are no fees to join or maintain your ALL membership. That means that there's nothing holding you back from earning and using Reward points straight away!

Reward points

When you start your ALL membership, you’ll start earning points. You’ll earn Reward points–these are points that you can use to pay for things like hotel stays. You’ll also earn Status points–these points are how you can level up as a member from Classic to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and even Diamond status.

Earning Reward points

While earning during a stay at a participating hotel is the most common way to earn points, it’s not the only one. In fact, you can even earn points when shopping via the Accor online store, Collections!There are plenty of ways you can earn Reward points, including hotel stays, food and beverage, Qantas flights, meetings and events, shopping, car hire and bonus offers.

Spending Reward points

Once you’ve started earning Reward points, you can start spending them! Pay for part or all of a hotel stay whether online or at a hotel, or even on experiences or products via the Accor online store, Limitless Shopping.Ways you can spend your Reward points:Online hotel bookings, hotel stays, in-house meetings and events, shopping, charity, frequent flyers

ALL & Qantas

Travelling is even more rewarding, thanks to our partnership with Qantas, to help you earn even more points when on holiday.You can earn both Status and Reward points with ALL as well as Qantas Points when you stay with Accor or travel with Qantas. Head to all.accor.com/qantas to link your ALL and Qantas Frequent Flyer accounts and start earning even more!

ALL Activities & Events

Because ALL is about more than just stays, you can earn and use Reward points for activities and events. Things like jet boat thrill rides, surf lessons, wine tours, visits to the zoo, murder mystery nights, and plenty more are all part of

Limitless Experiences

Part of ALL is our Limitless Experiences. Here, you can use Reward points to purchase tickets to see world-class concerts, sporting matches, and family entertainment. Ticket packages are available at Accor Stadium and Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, and you can even purchase Suite packages, where you can watch from the privacy of the ALL Member Suite with food and beverage service and impressive views of the stage and arena. Plus, additional experiences with our partners like the NRL and AFL at other stadiums across Australia. Find Limitless Experiences near you.

ALL Status

The other key part of ALL is your membership status. When you first join ALL, you join as a Classic member. With that membership, you can access free Wi-Fi and pre-sale access to private sales as well as exclusive member-only sales. Spend ten nights in Accor hotels, and you’ll progress to Silver. At Silver, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Classic, as well as priority check-in, late check-out, and a welcome drink at participating hotels.Benefits continue the further you progress, up to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. You can learn more about each of the ALL Membership Tiers on our ALL Benefits page .

What is the difference between Accor Plus and ALL?

ALL and Accor Plus are two different programmes from Accor. While ALL is free to join, Accor Plus costs $399 a year. When you join Accor Plus, you automatically join ALL at Silver Status (skipping Classic Status) with all the benefits of Silver worldwide, plus exclusive Accor Plus benefits throughout Asia Pacific.

Living Limitless

When it comes down to it, ALL is about finding ways to make the most of any holiday or work event. Whether you want to save on dinner or hotel breakfasts during a stay or save on a work conference or meeting as part of a business expense, there are plenty of ways to live limitless with Accor.Discover your Limitless and sign up now.

ALL Members' Rate

Now when members of ALL book a stay in a hotel, they'll receive 5% off the advertised price. Accor Plus Members will get 10% off the advertised price. This discount is applied by default (you'll see it promoted as "Members' Rate") so ALL and Accor Plus Members don't have to worry about using a code; they know they're getting the best rate when booking direct on ALL.com or via the ALL.com App.

Not a member of ALL yet? Join free today

What is ALL (Accor Live Limitless) Membership? (2024)


Is ALL - Accor Live Limitless membership free? ›

Is Accor Live Limitless (ALL) free? ALL is completely free to join . There are no fees to join or maintain your ALL membership. That means that there's nothing holding you back from earning and using Reward points straight away!

What is all accor membership? ›

Check-in to perks: Explore the ALL hotel loyalty program

Discover the world of ALL—Accor Live Limitless, our exclusive and free hotel loyalty program that rewards you for visiting and enjoying participating hotels, restaurants, bars, experiences and more—all over the world.

What is the belief behind accor live limitless? ›

ALL – Accor Live Limitless is the loyalty program most awarded by travelers over successive years and our all-in-one booking platform. ALL enhances the experiences provided by Accor's diversified hospitality ecosystem, both during and beyond the hotel stay. Experience the extraordinary!

What is 1000 Accor points worth? ›

*1,000 Reward points are worth 20 EUR or equivalent in your local currency. This Reward points bonus is offered in addition to the Reward points and Status points that are usually earned by the member on completing an eligible stay, in accordance with the ALL - Accor Live Limitless general conditions of use.

What are the benefits of being an Accor member? ›

Experience MORE when you join Accor Plus
  • 20 countries, 1000 hotels and over 1400 restaurants.
  • Guaranteed hotel stay savings.
  • Savings on dining.
  • Early access to Accor hotel promotions.
  • Access to exclusive events and Elite status with a bonus of 20 Status Nights.

How long does Accor membership last? ›

HOW LONG IS MY MEMBERSHIP VALID FOR? Your Accor Plus membership is valid for 12 months until the final day of the month shown on the membership card.

Which hotel comes under Accor? ›

Accor operates 5,584 locations in over 110 countries. Its total capacity is approximately 821,518 rooms (end 2023). It owns and operates brands in many segments of hospitality: Luxury (Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel), premium (MGallery, Pullman, Swissôtel), midscale (Novotel, Mercure, Adagio), and economy (ibis, hotelF1).

What is Accor used for? ›

Accor is a global hotel operator & franchisor, as well as a market leader in Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific (outside China). We operate 2,300 hotels under direct management contract and an additional 3,174 hotels under franchise contract.

How do I check my Accor membership? ›

Log into your account by clicking 'My account & Rewards” in the top right corner of the screen. 3. Once logged in, click again on 'My account & Rewards' and then 'STATUS'. Your current status will be displayed (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond).

What is the Accor controversy? ›

Global hotel chain Accor is investigating claims that staff at one of its Australian hotels have been racially segregating guests. Aboriginal guests at the Ibis Styles hotel in Alice Springs were purposely put in inferior rooms after a directive last June, the ABC reported on Friday.

What does it mean to live limitless? ›

Living a limitless life means stretching the boundaries of what's possible. It means extending yourself and pushing beyond your comfort zone in an attempt to explore new frontiers that can potentially help you grow and develop yourself in an exciting direction.

How do I keep my Accor status? ›

The highest number of Eligible Nights spent or Status points earned during one of these two periods, will determine your new Status. You will then keep that status until your next membership year.

Do all Accor points expire? ›

Accor ALL points will not expire as long as you earn a point once in 365 days. Per the Accor All help page: Points are valid for 12 months from the date on which they are credited to your ALL account. Each time points are credited to your account, the validity date of your points is automatically extended by 12 months.

How do I claim my Accor points? ›

Online: Log into your account and select your hotel. If the hotel is participating and the rate is eligible, you will see "Pay with Reward points" in the room rate description. In the payment section, choose how many points you want to redeem.

Are Accor points worth it? ›

Rewards points have a value of approximately AUD 3.3 cents each when used for credit to spend at Le Club AccorHotels properties. This should always serve as your value baseline when deciding whether to transfer to a frequent flyer program.

Is all loyalty programs free? ›

Membership of the ALL - Accor Live Limitless loyalty programme is free.

Is it free to be an Ibis member? ›

Join the programme for free

Become a member and enjoy discounts on more than 2,500 hotels.

What hotels are included in Accor Plus? ›

Banyan Tree, Sofitel Legend, Fairmont, SO/Sofitel, Sofitel, MGallery, Art Series, Mondrian, Pullman, Swissôtel, Angsana, Grand Mercure, Quay West, Peppers, The Sebel, Mantra, Cassia, Novotel, Mercure, BreakFree, ibis, ibis Styles and ibis Budget. Where can I use my Accor Plus membership?

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