Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (2024)

DriveLab Motorcycle Driving School Zurich – Here you will find the right motorcycle course and motorcycle driving lessons to prepare for your motorcycle test. We offer modern motorcycle basic courses for the category A1, A35 and A unlimited in the Zurich area. To complete the course, we recommend you to book some driving lessons on the motorcycle before or after the basic course in order to register for the driving test. If you only speak English, that’s no problem: we’ll be happy to summarize the most important points for you during the basic course. For the motorcycle driving lessons we offer a single motorcycle lesson and double motorcycle lesson.

What is the difference between A1, A2 and A?
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (1)
Category A1

up to 50cm³, 4kW and 45km/h

  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Minimum age: 16 years up to 125cm³ and 11kW
  • Basic course part 1,2 and 3 necessary
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (2)
Category A 35 kW (limited)

up to 35kW and not more than 0.20kW per kilo of motorcycle

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Basic course part 1, 2 and 3 necessary
  • If A1 is acquired before 31.12.2020 only 4 hrs. basic course necessary
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (3)
Category A

over 35kW and more than 0.20kW per kg

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • At least 2 years of uncomplaining driving experience on category A 35kW
  • If you purchase A 35kW before 01.01.2021, you will receive category A as a gift after 2 years of uncomplaining driving experience.
  • No more basic course necessary

Motorrad Fahrschule Zürich: Course contents

DriveLab Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich – To make the driving license category A1, A 35KW limited or A unlimited, you need first a basic course PGS. This is divided into 3 parts, which all last 4 hours and must take place on different days. The following contents await you in the three courses:

Basic course part 1

In the first part of the PGS course, we start on a closed-off area. So you can do the exercises at your leisure. If you feel unsure, you can of course book driving lessons beforehand. Basic course 1 is all about vehicle control. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn a measured use of gas, brake and clutch
  • Track lane: maintain stability with your motorcycle at extra slow speeds
  • Slalom: Train the agility with the motorcycle by driving through a tight slalom.
  • Drive in a figure eight and show like vehicle control. The viewing technique is half the battle
  • Increase your safety with a perfect emergency stop
Basic course part 2

The second part focuses on everyday traffic situations:

  • Correct lane entry at light signals and without light signal
  • Driving on junctions and traffic circles
  • Brake readiness
  • Appropriate design of the speed
  • Mountain driving
  • Pillion (riding in pairs)
Basic course part 3

In the last part of the PGS course, special traffic events await you:

  • Sloping position: you practice the ideal cornering technique with an analysis
  • Countersteering
  • Braking, dodging and accelerating
  • Driving in groups
  • Overtaking maneuver with the motorcycle

Register now for our next basic motorcycle course in Zurich:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further details.

Basic course Prerequisites:

  • The learner driver can drive to the practice area independently and keep up with traffic. (Enrollment or starter lesson possible in advance.)
  • Valid learner’s license for the relevant category and vehicle registration document.
  • The road-legal motorcycle with a full tank and the “L” plate fitted. must correspond to the relevant category of ID card.
  • Intact and sensible equipment, which also protects in bad weather, we ride in all weathers.
  • There are max. 5 participants allowed per course.
  • Courses are held for a minimum of 3 participants.
  • Participants with 50 cc motorcycles should plan early so that the 3rd part can be realized with like-minded people.

Pay basic course individuallyBasic Course Combi Package Pay

Motorcycle Driving School Zurich Prices

Motorcycle basic course part 1,2 or 3
CHF 200

Price per course part. One part of the course consists of a block of 4 hours.

Offer. Basic course combination package: All 3 basic courses
CHF 500
Motorcycle riding lesson Zurich
CHF 94.50

One lesson lasts 50 minutes

Double lesson motorcycle Zurich
CHF 176.-

The lesson lasts 90 minutes

Scooter Rent
From CHF 30/day
Motorcycle Rent
From CHF 40.-/day

In 4 simple steps to the motorcycle exam

Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (4)
Step 1: Apply for a learner’s permit

Fill out this form completely. You can take the eye test at any optician for about CHF 20.

Important: If you don’t have a car test yet, you must first take the emergency helper course (Zurich), eye test and theory test .

Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (5)
Step 2: Visit motorcycle basic course

Attend the basic motorcycle course and extend the validity of your learner’s permit to 12 months.

Step 3: Take driving lessons

Book motorcycle driving lessons to prepare for the practical test.

Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (7)
Step 4: Motorcycle exam

Register here for the practical motorcycle exam in Zurich.
For the exam you need the following equipment:

  • Valid learner’s permit and ID/passport
  • Vehicle registration card from your motorcycle
  • Approved safety helmet according to UNECE regulation 22 (with visor or goggles)
  • Motorcycle boots or ankle-covering sturdy footwear
  • Motorcycle gloves (made of abrasion- and tear-resistant material, preferably with protectors)
  • Motorcycle pants (made of abrasion and tear resistant material, preferably with protectors)
  • Motorcycle jacket (made of abrasion and tear resistant material, preferably with protectors)

Frequently asked questions about the motorcycle driving license in Zurich

Was braucht man für den Motorrad Grundkurs?

The basic course lasts 3 days. It is divided into blocks of 4 hours. The order of the courses must be followed.

Kann ich für den Grundkurs ein Motorrad oder ein Roller von DriveLab mieten?

We highly recommend that you purchase your own vehicle. The requirements at the exam are very high and statistically more than 50% fail the first exam in Zurich. One thing helps: good training and a lot of practice. The best way to do that is with your own motorcycle. You are already allowed to buy this with the learner’s permit and drive it on your own.

If you still want to rent a motorcycle or scooter, you can check out Sharely . This is probably the cheapest way to rent a motorcycle.

Wie lange ist der Grundkurs gültig?

The basic course valid forever. What expires is your learner’s permit. Be sure to enroll in the basic course immediately after you receive your learner’s permit. Experience shows that most are at the last minute. The season is shorter than you think.

Wie kann ich Motorrad fahren ohne Prüfung?

With the learner’s permit you can ride a motorcycle on your own for 4 months. After completing the basic course, your learner’s permit is valid for one year.
Alternatively, you can buy an e-scooter up to 20km/h if you want to call it a “motorcycle”. But your style will definitely stay at home with it:
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (8)

Wie lange dauert ein Motorrad Führerschein, wenn man Auto schon hat?

If you want to get the A1 driver’s license, you only have to do the 3 basic courses with the car test. The test is omitted.

Wie viele Fehlerpunkte darf man beim Motorrad haben?

For the motorcycle theory test is the same as the car theory and consists of 50 questions. There are 3 answer options each, so you can score 150 points. In total, you may have a maximum of 15 error points. This corresponds to 5 (single) incorrectly answered questions.

Ist A1 oder A2 besser beim Motorrad?

A2 are motorcycles up to 35 kilowatts of power. For category A1, the power must not exceed 11 kilowatts. So A2 is “better,” if you will.

Wird A2 automatisch zu A?

No. For category A unrestricted, another driving test is required.

Wieviel PS darf man mit A fahren?

There is no power limit for category A. For A2 category it is 35 kilowatts and for A1 it is 11 kilowatts.

Was kostet der Motorradführerschein?

For the 3 basic courses the combined package costs CHF 500. There are no compulsory driving lessons for the motorcycle test. However, we recommend taking some. Ultimately, you decide when you feel ready for the exam. Only for the third test you have to be registered by a driving school. Most of our driving students spend between CHF 800-3’500 for their motorcycle license. There is no limit towards the top.

Wie viel PS sollte ein Anfänger Motorrad haben?

It’s best to buy a motorcycle in the A1 category to start with. This gives you less than 15 hp or 11 KW. After one season you can always sell your bike and switch to a bigger machine.

Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (9)

Dominik Steinmann: Our driving instructor for the Zurich Motorcycle Driving School

“I take great pleasure and experience in teaching motorcycle driving. It allows me to live my passion in my job and meet exciting people again and again. I like the many success stories that I experience every day. As a motorcycle riding instructor, I strive for maximum safety and riding enjoyment. Because riding a motorcycle is not just about getting from A to B. The journey is the goal.”

For questions about motorcycle driving school in Zurich: Tel. +41 41 219 36 60

DriveLab Motorcycle Driving School Zurich – the best choice for your driving license

DriveLab Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich is one of the best motorcycle driving schools in Zurich. The school offers a wide range of courses for all levels, from beginners to experienced drivers. The basic motorcycle course is the ideal introduction for beginners and provides a solid foundation for more advanced driving courses. The driving school also offers an advanced motorcycle course suitable for riders who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques. In addition, the Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich offers a motorcycle safety course where riders learn how to be safe on the road. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich has the right course for you.

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Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (11)
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (12)
Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (13)

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Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich (2024)
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