Apartments for Rent in Warsaw (2024)

Nestpick offers a variety of furnished apartments in Warsaw. On average the rent varies from 1,941 PLN to 4,401 PLN depending on the size and location, making Warsaw’s apartments for rent the most expensive in Poland, but ranking 11th place in Eastern Europe. What’s interesting is most of the apartments are either post-war or new builds, as during the WW2 80-90% of Warsaw was destroyed.

Types of Accommodations in Warsaw

  • Rooms for Rent in Warsaw
  • Student Accommodation in Warsaw
  • Studio Apartments in Warsaw

Moving to and Finding Furnished Warsaw Apartments for Rent

Moving to Warsaw in Poland is an advantageous experience for both students and expats alike. With a low cost of living, vibrant nightlife and culture, you can see the attraction. Warsaw is seasonal so be prepared for winter temperatures as low as -12°C but on average it is -5°C in January and the hottest summer was recorded at 37°C. Normally Warsaw is the perfect temperature, on average hitting 25°C throughout summer. Expats in Warsaw can enjoy an array of activities throughout the year. Warsaw is home to many famous composers of classical music as well as a heavy underground techno party scene. If you enjoy music and the arts there are over 30 theatres in the city and countless nightclubs. Students moving to Warsaw may be excited for the party scene, but for a relaxed weekend (expats alike), you could go ice skating in the Hala Torwar Sport Complex or try out the swimming pool. For hot summers, there are outdoor pools in the city in the complexes, along Vistula river there are beaches open for the public in the summer. Or just north of Warsaw is Zalew Zegrzyński. This man made reservoir has a beach and cafes to enjoy in the sun. People often come here to escape the city’s heat.

Districts for Furnished Apartments in Warsaw

Apartments in Mokotow

Still within close proximity to the city centre, yet with a familiar suburban atmosphere, Motoków is popular amongst young families. Also, Motoków is a close drive to the American School and the British School in Warsaw which is appealing to expats. The neighbourhood is south of the city centre but Mokotów is very well connected by all methods of public transport; by metro it takes just 10 minutes to Śródmieście. The neighbourhood is also home to the city’s largest park, Pola Mokotowskie; and on a warm day, you can visit some of Warsaw’s Mokotów pools. Wodny Park Swimming pool is a popular complex and it runs various classes. Gyms in Motoków, Warsaw vary in size and facilities so look closely when choosing. The Yoga Studio is popular and caters to all abilities of yoga. If you prefer gym workouts McFIT or Calypso also have a few gyms across Warsaw.

Apartments in Praga-Poludnie

Praga is now at the heart of the hipster scene but it wasn’t always renowned as ‘bohemian’. Previously it was one of the poorest parts of the city and you can still see the bullet holes in some of the houses. Nethertheless, underneath Praga’s rough edges are a few hidden gems; some of Praga, Warsaw’s attractions include, Praski Park in the summer for outdoor movies or Kino Praha for the winter. Or wander the Bazar Rozyckiego Market, it is the oldest in Warsaw and it played an important role throughout the war, and post war period.

Praga, Warsaw Restaurants: If you get hungry, there are a variety of cuisines in Praga to choose from. Being a more alternative neighbourhood, most places will be relaxed dining. Na-żarty is a cute venue serving burgers with sauerkraut, sandwiches and other warm dishes.

Praga, Warsaw Clubs: The nightlife in Praga does not disappoint, Znośna Lekkość Bytu is a trendy and grungy nightclub, as it often has live music with a great interior. Or if you opt for some heavy dance music there is Klub Hydrozagadka. There are many more options for bars, clubs and dive bars too.

Apartments in Praga-Polnoc

Apartments in Srodmiescie

Apartments in Wilanow

Similarly to Mokotów, Wilanów is popular amongst expats and young families as both the European School and German School are there. There is also a lot of artists living in Wilanów. Wilanów is the least populated district and currently has a lower demand for property. You can find a variety of houses and apartments on offer in this district. Some expats are attracted to some of the luxurious and secure residential park homes and plans for new high rise apartments.

The Wilanów Palace is in this district, the palace remained throughout both wars including the WW2 bombings and remains an important cultural remembrance for the city. Wilanów palace museum in Warsaw shows the history of the palace room by room and the glorification of the Sobieski family and the king's military wins. The Wilanów festival of lights is a royal celebration of the palace buildings and gardens in Wilanów. The celebration lasts all winter and it is spectacular for visitors/locals to Wilanów.

Wilanów is accessible from the city center but not by tram or metro. The district is operated by buses; from the center it is easiest to take either the 131 bus to Sadyba or the 519 bus to Wilanów. There is paid parking in the city centre from Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM costing 3.00 zł for the first hour.

Apartments in Wola

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Warsaw

Warsaw Old Town Apartments

Picturesque plazas, charming cobblestone streets and ostentatious churches all give the heart of Poland’s capital a living, breathing quality. Entirely rebuilt after the destruction of World War II, the Old Town is a deserving recipient of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site designation. It’s also a jaw-dropping testament to Varsovians’ remarkable resilience in the face of adversity, and poignantly connects the city’s past, present and future. Old Town apartments in Warsaw are much more affordable than in similarly historic European capitals cities, although if you’re looking for a modern, spacious apartment you may somewhat disappointed: apartments here tend to be quite old-fashioned and compact.

Warsaw City Centre Apartments

Resplendent with quality restaurants, bars, shops and museums, Warsaw city centre is where you’re likely to spend a large portion of your time in Warsaw. The city centre is the city’s largest district, stretching from the Old Town to the north to Aleja Armii Ludowej to the south, and is a mixture of commercial, residential and industrial. The gigantic Palace of Culture and Science looms large over the district, and you are never far from verdant greenery should you wish to escape the urban bustle. Apartments in Warsaw city centre come many different guises, and prices can vary quite substantially depending on size, quality and location. Compared to most European city centres, however, Warsaw city centre is pleasingly affordable.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Furnished Warsaw Apartments

1 Bedroom Warsaw Flats

For a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre, you should be looking at paying anywhere between 1,700zł (€406) and 2,800zł (€669) per month. The average price for 1-bedroom apartment in Warsaw outside the city centre costs around 1,750zł (€418), although decent apartments can be found for as low as 1,400zł (€335). The types of accommodation in Warsaw vary widely: from Soviet-style apartment buildings and large houses with gardens to semi-detached houses and modern penthouse apartments.

2 Bedroom Apartments in Warsaw

2-bedroom apartments in Warsaw usually cost around 4,350zł (€1,040) in expensive areas like the Old Town and 3,250zł (€777) in the suburbs. If you’re looking for a place in the city centre, competition can be high as demand often outweighs supply. With this in mind, it’s worth considering a number of different areas when conducting your search. Two popular and affordable examples are the bohemian area of Praga on the eastern bank on the RIver Vistula and
the vibrant southern neighbourhood of Mokotów.

3 Bedroom Warsaw Apartments

The average price for a 3-bedroom apartment in Warsaw is around 3,800zł (€908) in the city centre and around 2,900zł (€693) outside the city centre. Generally speaking, you’ll get more space for your money the further away you live from the city centre. Reasonably-priced and sizeable 3-bedroom options can be found in the village-like northern district of Żoliborz.

Warsaw Apartments with Air Conditioning

Summers in Warsaw are warm and sunny, with an average August temperature of 19.2°C (66.6°F), so it’s worth looking for apartments with air conditioning. Not all apartments in the city come with air conditioning as standard, so if you want a homely reprieve from the humid heat, you’ll have to check each individual apartment’s amenities.

Whilst Warsaw summers are warm, winters here are literally freezing (the average January temperature is -1.8°C, or 29°F). As such, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure your Warsaw apartment comes fitted with central heating. Virtually all apartments in Warsaw do come with heating as standard, but be sure to check just in case.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Warsaw

If you want to bring your four-legged friend along on your new life in Poland, you’re best off checking if each individual apartment has a “pets allowed” policy. While many specify either way, some may not state their pet policy but will still disagree to allow pets. If you have your eyes on a particular apartment that doesn’t outline its policy towards pets then it's best to get in touch with the landlord yourself.

Student Accommodation in Warsaw

Depending on your suitability and needs, student apartments for rent in Warsaw range in size on Nestpick. Typically, apartments aren’t more than 3 or 4 bedrooms in Warsaw. An idea to minimise price is to move in with classmates and split the cost of the apartment. Buddying up with friends or strangers is an important part of university. However, Nestpick also has offers for studio apartments for couples or singles. You can rent and live in a student house in Warsaw with other friends/alone or rent a room. Renting a room in a student house is a great way to make new friends and embrace new cultures. Nestpick has both rooms and apartments on offer. You must be enrolled at the university to rent a room in a student dormitory in Warsaw because all of the dormitories are run privately and are not open to the public.

Documents Required for Apartments in Polands Capital

Flats in Warsaw, like in other European cities, typically require one month’s rent as a deposit, as well as one month’s rent upfront. What differs, however, is that proof of income is often not needed. The registration of your address is required in order to gain your PESEL number, for bureaucracy purposes. for example to set up a bank account etc...

Apartments for Rent in Warsaw (2024)
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